Ugly Lamp Upgrade

By: Modhomeecteacher Jun 15, 2010


Finally, here's a way to reuse those ugly, shiny ceramic lamps from the thrift store. See how Erin of Lemon Tree Creations cleverly upcycled these two ugly dogs into two sweet nursery lamps with raffia and spray paint.  The design is modern and grown up enough to use in any room of the house.

I like what she's doing here. Is this my garage?




White burlap brightens the lampshade and is very LOW budget, while at the same time complimentary to the new raffia spray painted lamps.

See Erin's entire tutorial, including her first mistake, over on Lemon Tree Creations.

Via: ReNest

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Not mine, but the creator used raffia that she soaked in water first, I believe.

These are adorable!  What did you wrap around the lamp to create the stripes?

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