How To: Reupholster An Ottoman With a Vintage Pleated Plaid Skirt

By: Modhomeecteacher Jan 28, 2009

created on: 01/28/09

Being socked in today inspired me to finish my oval ottoman. The VIBRANT plaid was gleaned from a huge vintage pleated skirt. Once the waistband and pleats were removed, there was a piece of fabric measuring 6 yards by 36". Before the transformation, the red striped ottoman had clunky legs and the fabric had been stained.

created on: 09/29/07

Excuse the terrible BEFORE photo.

Now enjoy my snowy day upholstery project.

created on: 01/28/09

created on: 01/28/09

created on: 01/28/09

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created on: 01/28/09

Now it's all ready to put in my etsy shop.




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Such a chair could fit perfectly in my new Home, I will take a look around the different furniture shops and check if I can find a similar one, thanks for the great design idea :-).


The legs are from vendor I use. I'll be offering them in my etsy shop within a month.

where did you get the new legs? they are great!

I just cut the waistband off, and steamed the pleats flat. Next I ironed on the fusible interfacing.

I used the old fabric top and side pieces as my pattern.  After I got the cover all stapled on, I noticed that the plaid was just a hair off. I removed all the staples and readjusted the covering.  Plaids are hard that way.

Wow ... hard to believe it was a skirt!  It looks great.  Also checked out the Etsy link and your website.  Nicely done.  I now have two chairs to reupholster.  A simple teak chair in my new sewing/craft room (when I get it organized) and now my almost vintage desk chair.  I had it done by a professional about twelve years ago and in the past month the foam in the armrests has decided to come up for air!  I have not reupholstered before and am looking forward to the challenge after reading your tutorials.  I just need to find some fabric ...

I forgot to add that I ironed fusible interfacing to the wool in order to strengthen and stablize it for upholstering.

Etsy shop link please!

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