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By: Mar 24, 2007
I've seen some good ideas here using contact paper, and it's one of the few design tools that actually fits my budget, but here's the problem: it's all so ugly!  Please tell me there's a source out there for contact paper that looks cool.  My googling got me nowhere.

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Oh almost forgot you can get many primary colors along with marble,wood grain ect at local OSH stores.. I found rolls 24ft x 18in for under $10.

I had a problem finding any of it locally...finally got some at OSH so try there. I am doing a cherry blossom wall mural and I am making the hot pink blossoms with acrylics & white contact paper- trunk with black contact paper. Working well!


I have found the site!! 


go to and you'll be in contact paper heaven. i have been looking for the right kind for DAYS!  


What style are you looking for: wood or marble look contact paper? Or maybe famous designer's patterns? Check out those store, there is a great selection. Also there are stained glass window films that look very cool:

I searched and searched online for Con-Tact Paper...I couldn't find an official site but I did fine an online retailer. They had many different colors and patterns...even some ambitous stainless steel stuff...
I don't know if you'l find the contact paper on their websites... I did see them in stores not so long ago. The Martha Stewart line came in something that reminded me of Jonathan Adler's baby blue "Richard Nixon" pattern and another with cool colorful stripes.

Awesome, thanks for the painting tip, I may just end up doing that.  Couldn't find any contact paper on the Target site and the Kmart site is not working for me on this computer for some reason, but I will definitely check that out later.  Thanks!

I don't know what look you're going for but I've seen some really cute ones at Target and K-Mart (made by good 'ol Martha Stewart). If you are going for a more modern look, has some interesting metallic and holographic styles.
unless you're down with metallic (steel) contact paper, i can't really hep you. can paint contact paper with acrylic paint.  it shouldn't bleed through.  you can buy clear or white contact paper and sponge, stamp, or paint over it.  i was planning on doing just this with my cabinet doors, but i'm only planning on living in my apartment for a couple more months, and it wasn't worth the trouble.
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