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hi im meg! i am a married mother of 2 girls. i love to cook and craft- just started dabbling with cake decorating. i like to read and i am very interested in making my house a comfortable home .  my style seems to be ever changing, my favorite colors are red black brown and steel gray. but then sometimes my fave colors are bright and vibrant- i tend to lean towards a southern boho  lifestyle, but that changes too- life is unpredictable being flexible is the best way for me to keep from pulling my hair out! im a very free spirit- i have traveled many many miles all over this country which is why i think i love so many styles. the last thing i purchased for my bestest bestie was a bracelet just for being my girl.my husband wants to be a shrimp farmer and is currently building a shrimp tank in my front yard. im in love with dollar tree, and i can do some awesome things with 20 bucks and a buggy!!!

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