How to Misuse Paint for a Great Effect

By: Marvinwindows Sep 01, 2009

For today's how-to post, we have a great -- and simple -- demonstration from the Remodeling Guy, Tim Layton, who is on a "quest to find the best ways to completely ignore the 'manufacturers recommended use' section on your average paint can." Be sure to check out his post for more photos. blue_woodHe has a few posts in this series, but this one creates perhaps the most interesting effect. By violating the most basic rules of painting -- using exterior paint on, you know, the exterior of your house and making sure to apply smooth, solid coats of paint -- Tim and his wife put a finish on their deck that strikes a beautiful contrast from the typical stain-and-waterproof approach. Tim writes:

The process was so simple we didn’t even take pictures. I replaced the broken board with a new one while Kim very lightly painted over the deck using a foam brush and interior Ralph Lauren Paint in a Aegean Blue. The trick was just to use a very light touch with the brush so as not to get the paint into all the worn crevices and the wood. The result is a worn look that will look even better as it weathers over time.

What's the lesson? Be creative and try new ideas. Who knows what you'll discover? Photo courtesy of the Remodeling Guy. Originally published by John Kirchner at MLuxe.

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I love this,and plan on doing this on my deck.thanks for all the wonderful ideas!
I love this,and plan on doing this on my deck.thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

To buy a little time until we can replace our garage door, I am painting an old wood door with Porch & Floor paint.  I really like how brush strokes almost become invisible.  It would work well on most exterior trims, garden trellises, etc.  Ultimate Durability. 

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