Don't let myths limit your paint options

by Marvin Windows
If you are ever in search of cheap entertainment, make your way to the paint aisle at your nearest hardware store. When you get there, eavesdrop on some of the conversations consumers will often have while selecting paint

Mustard looks so dingy after a while. Seafoam is just a trend. Red feels so ominous.

Some of these arguments have merit, of course, but for whatever reason, many homeowners cling to paint myths that just can't be proven...

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How to make housekeeping a little more pleasant

by Marvin Windows
After months cooped up inside the home, the days are ever so slowly starting to grow brighter. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow not long ago. All signs point to another spring on the way, and frankly, it can't come fast enough!
Official are two things:
  1. Cabin fever is a real thing
  2. Spring cleaning is a necessity

Most of us are still at least a month away from regularly getting outside and enjoying the weather. But we're all probably in...

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