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livyschoolgirl's Photos : cranberry color breakfast nook


This past week my grandmother was in town for a visit and wanted to do a project with me so we worked on my kitchen/breakfast nook. I live in a small house and the real dining room is being used as an office currently so I wanted to spice up the breakfast nook next to the fridge since that is where I normally eat. Before the walls were a creamy white with pastel green trim. The painting took about 4 coats to get it even but the result is a cosy space that I enjoy and feel invigorated in every morning. I had my husband take the picture with us in it so I can send a copy to my grandma.

dining dining area red

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I enjoy doing projects with my family, too.  It makes my home, not just beautiful visually, but full of beautiful memories. Thanks for posting this pic - it made me smile :-)

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