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Test Drive Your Paint Colours...

By: Lilybee Sep 23, 2008

...Or colors if you like. BHG has a fun little tool that lets you play with paint, furniture and accent colours in sample rooms. Want to see how your room (or something like your room) would look with a tangerine walls, purple ceiling and taupe couches? Done.

Careful though 'cause it's a good way to lose 2 hours. You have to sign up to play with it, and there is also a colour-a-house and a try-a-window-treatment tool. Way moreContinue Reading

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How To Choose An Office Chair

By: Lilybee Sep 20, 2008

Apparently there's more to choosing a chair for your home office than going to Ikea and picking the prettiest one they have.

According to Chiropractor Rodney Lefler, DC, there are some specific things to look out for when choosing a chair that won't hate your back.

  • Seat height. Office chair seat height should be easily adjustable. A pneumatic adjustment lever is the easiest way to do this. A seat heightContinue Reading
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Inside A Black Apple's Inspirational Studio

By: Lilybee Sep 19, 2008

I love other people's offices and studios and Emily, artist and creator of The Black Apple has a studio that's so pretty it makes my paws all sweaty. Behold!

created on: 09/19/08

created on: 09/19/08created on: 09/19/08 

She's managed to fit all kinds of (awesome) stuff into a not very large space without making it look cramped. She also has some very steal/borrow-able idea's; like the oilcloth topper on her painting and drawing table and those uber-cute kid suitcasesContinue Reading

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Talk and Live Like a Pirate!

By: Lilybee Sep 19, 2008

In honour of International Talk Like A Pirate Day here's a few ways you could cease to be a landlubber and move your ah, booty onto the open seas.

Starting with a real Pirate Ship.


This 47' Ketch by Vagabond looks the part, it sleeps 6 and has 2, 'heads'. (I think that means loos). It's berthed in Spain and can be yours for only 139,000 euro... or possibly some gold doubloons.

Don't know how to sail? HowContinue Reading

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Cordon Bleu, Bird Style

By: Lilybee Sep 19, 2008

So you've made your little feathered chums the hippest house on the block, now might be a good time to throw them a dinner party. With that in mind here's a few recipes that boids go nuts for.

Hors d'oeurve:

Pine Cone Nibbles

  • pine cones
  • peanut butter
  • birdseed (your choice)

Spread peanut butter all over the pine cones and roll them in birdseed. Tie a piece of ribbon or string to the top of eachContinue Reading

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Autumn Garden Checklist

By: Lilybee Sep 18, 2008

Only a few days left till the official start of Autumn/Fall. BHG has a checklist of stuff to do in your garden. Or at least intend to do and not quite get round to. It includes:

  • Lower the height on your mower. Grass grows more slowly in fall, but it still needs to be trimmed to prepare for winter. A lower cutting height helps the soil dry out more quickly in spring.
  • Feed the birds. Don't forget your feathered friends --Continue Reading
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Easy Wallpapering

By: Lilybee Sep 16, 2008

Wallpapering gives me The Fear. What with the mess and the peeliness and the pattern repeats. The last time I tried it, well, there were tears, swearing and some bloodshed.

According to the folks at Real Simple it doesn't have to be that way. They have a quick how-to on using the newest, (less scary) wallpapers that abound these days, including Pre-Pasted, Paste-The-Wall and self adhesive paper.

To hangContinue Reading

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NES Controller Coffee Table

By: Lilybee Sep 12, 2008

NES. Super NES. Warm gooey Nostalgia.

I showed my sweetie Chrisjob's post on the Nintoaster and he appears to be in love. It also reminded him of something else. THIS:

created on: 09/12/08

Now I am in love too. It combines a few of my favorite themes and things; old school consoles, coffee, storage (what?), and DIY. If you put a wienerdog and a pygmy goat playing cards next to it and shifted the whole thing to Bermuda... well,Continue Reading

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Get Rid Of Those Pesky Fruit Flies

By: Lilybee Sep 11, 2008

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit Flies like bananas. Heh heh.

Apartment Therapy's sister site Re-Nest has a VERY wily way to get rid of the pesky fruit flies that are frankly plaguing my very existence this year.

You'll need a

  • A glass (I'm actually using an old pasta sauce jar)
  • A piece of paper.
  • Some slightly icky fruit or some apple juice to lure the unsuspecting little rotters

created on: 09/11/08

The picture is fairly selfContinue Reading

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How Not Where? - Updated

By: Lilybee Sep 11, 2008

I've been feeling a bit philosophical about houses, homes and the way that we live. In part prompted by a home that I sometimes walk past.

It's this place here. I think it's beautiful, with that mottled red-ish brick and great sash windows. The gorgeous fire escape garden, beautiful and clever paint colours and good accessories all make it look like it's inhabited by someone who loves and takes pride in theirContinue Reading

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