Swanky Printed Dresser How To, With PDF Stencils

By: Lilybee Nov 14, 2008

Lena Corwin , super-talented author of Printing By Hand (which is totally on my Christmas list) has a tutorial on Etsy for this swanky looking dresser, complete with cute downloadable animal stencils.

created on: 11/14/08

To make it you'll need

  • A piece of furniture to stencil, (old pieces should be sanded or stripped)
  • white latex primer paint
  • white semi-gloss paint
  • contact paper
  • a contrasting colour of latex paint
  • roller paintbrush, pencil, craft, knife, scissors, painters tape
  • to download those lovely chubby moose and their animal chums

for the rest of the (very detailed) skinny go HERE. Do check out Lena's blog and her interview with Etsy.


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thanks very much

Love this - thanks for sharing!

zomg! That's awesome (heads to nursery to see where he could incorporate this).

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