How to: Make a DIY Pebble Bath Mat

By: Lilybee Jul 15, 2008

created on: 07/15/08

Just finished this mat to go with my Bathroom Redo. It has a peculiar providence, I was mooching around the CB2 website, doing a little window shopping and I spotted this fellow for $39.95 created on: 07/15/08

Me: 'Hey, I had that idea too!' I just didn't get around to doing it!"

My Sweetie: "So you're saying they stole your idea from inside your head?"

Me, kinda indignant: "YEAH"

Him: "Would you like me to make you a tinfoil hat?"

Crazy aside, here's how I made the mat.

I used:

  • 1 rubber Welcome mat
  • 4 bags of river rocks
  • some contact adhesive

All from the Dollar store.

created on: 07/15/08

I smooshed down the glue then arranged the rocks. Not hard at all. In retrospect I think it would have been better to start in the center and work my way out. It's also probably best to let the glue set for a good 24 hours before walking on it.

The only difficult part for me was to not try and arrange the rocks too much, I didn't want straight lines or uniform colour, but it's hard to let go of the whole symmetry thing. I think it turned out pretty organic looking though. It feels really lovely on bare feet and the rocks get shiny when they are wet. created on: 07/15/08

I haven't had any problems with slipperiness... yet.

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I have mine in a tray like a large cookie tray (industrial size), rocks are smaller and grouted. It stays in place, can be hosed off. And I don't have to contend with the rocks coming off. And the shower floor is wonderful. This is cleaned just like tile. No mossy build up and you should be fine.
How do u clean it? Does it get slippery and slimy after a while or is there something to spray over it to make it easier to maintain? Lol havent made one yet but such a great idea, turns out I have everything I need :)

I just made this using river rocks from the dollar store and silicone glue.  I glued the rocks on a rubber door mat since I wanted to use it as a boot mat. Not only is it extremely heavy, but everytime I pick it up a rock pops off.  According to my husband what is needed is flexibility and you won't get that with rocks.  I have no idea how you got yours to stay unless you leave it where it sits and never move it. This project looks cool and I wanted to give it as a christmas gift, but how do you keep the rocks from falling off if you move it?

i like yours better than the $40 version! I may try this too. :-) thanks for the idea. 

Great idea! my daughters have been begging me to paint on rocks, now i know what to do with them after ????

can u use regular rocks 

Interesting post.  Never thought about this. Gonna try this at home when I got time.

I have a walk in shower with river rock on the floor. It is heaven on the feet and not slippery which is a lot better than a standard tile bottom. I would set this with grout, maybe in a boot tray. Good idea to use up the leftovers for the other bath remodel. It I'd not hard on the feet because the flat Sid of the rocks face up.

Provenance...not providence.

I like your webpage architectural style graphics.  And your clever take on the smiley face icon.

@Eloise....A boot tray is just a mat by the front door to put your wet/muddy boots on. Most have raised edges to keep the muck from spilling onto the floor.

I have done alotof crafting and rock collecting and this is just my "cuppa tea! "

I hate sounding so dumb but what is a "boot tray"? Just not familiar with the expression.

They sell river rocks at Dollar Tree. They are really nice!

Where can I get river rocks
Where can I get river rocks

Wouldn't this be a collector of mildew and such, under the rocks.  Unless you were to regularly clean it, like with borax or similar...

 You can also glue the rocks onto a mesh backing and then put into ceramic mortor base you put into the boot tray. The following day grout the rock like you would ceramic tile. Seal the grout and rock after the grout drys a couple of days with a gloss sealer and you don't have to worry about mildew. Makes a beautiful mat!!

Look's good but would this not be a bit hard on your feet getting out of the shower/bath.

what kind of glue did you use?  sorry , but I didnt see it in the directions. Thanks, its really nice!

I'd be interested to know whether it gets mouldy between the rocks too

Imagine my surprise at finding this while I'm playing on the internet as my similar project dries!  We live in the country, we hunt/fish/work outdoors amongst several other things that tend to add excess mud to our shoes.  I had a mat outside the door but it's always getting completely disgusting looking, the wind blows it away etc.  I've made trivits for the kitchen using the numerous pebbles etc my kids and even the hubby brings me home (how they find so many flat heart shaped rocks amazes me) So here's my project... 

  • rubber/plastic boot tray (black)
  • lots and lots of rocks... not necessairly flat but not sharp -I like to run around barefooted
  • clear waterproof adhesive (tube of kitchen/bath caulking)
  • Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin

First I dry fitted the rocks to make sure I had enough to fill the boot tray

then I dumped the all out and covered the tray in the caulking, smearing it around (this is just to stabilize the rocks).  Next I put the rocks/pebbles (and even a couple of pieces of lake glass for color) and arranged them until they filled the boot tray, to test I stepped around on them in my bare feet to make sure they don't hurt.  I let this sit for a couple hours to let the caulking set up a bit, then I poured liquid glass eposy resin over the whole thing so the rocks are just barely above.  This is HEAVY, there won't be any blowing away.  Leaving the rocks just above the epoxy will give something to scrape boots on, but having the epoxy will make it easy to hose off and clean as well as giving it a really cool perception of depth.    

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