Before and After: DIY Faux Wood Flooring Replaces Outdated Carpet

By: Lexy.b.ward Apr 03, 2014

DIY Faux Wood FloorsHardwood floors are a gorgeous detail in any home. I plan to have them in my own when we buy a house in the future. I've always planned to use actual wood, but I was intrigued when I saw these floors in this Idaho ranch style home. It ain't wood, my friends. Can you tell what it is?!      


The owners used porcelain tile with a faux wood finish to replace their outdated carpet throughout the first floor of their home. It's already been tested against scratches, dings, and dents, and it's holding up very well! Visit Chris Loves Julia to see more photos and read all about their DIY process!

Would you ever do something like this in your home? Or would you stick with traditional wood floors? 

DIY Faux Wood Tile by [Chris Loves Julia]

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i've always wondered why do americans like these hideous and dirty carpets? Faux wood flooring is more easier to keep clean :D

After the first floor of my house flooded & we hauled all of the soggy ruined carpet out, I replaced it with faux wood tile.  There's a variety of price points & God forbid we flood again I can steam / sanitize it & not have to replace the flooring.  I love the look.


I have a driftwood grey version in both bathrooms I just finished.  I love it! The long planks elongate the rooms and make them feel less "bathy".

My friend's mom has this in her kitchen.  It's fascinating.  The wood grain look is incredibly realistic, but you can feel that it's tile when you walk on it, even with shoes on.  It kinda messed with my head the first time.

It's sturdy and looks great, though.  I might do this in a home.

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