Make It: Do-It-Yourself Colorful Keyboard

By: Lexy.b.ward May 02, 2013

It's always fun to add a little flair to your workspace. Kick things up a notch with this colorful project!         


Crack into your stash of washi tape and give your computer keyboard a facelift. Washi tape is thin enough that you can still see the keys through it! See this project and more fantastic washi tape ideas over here on Brit + Co

Washi Your Workspace via [Brit + Co.]

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Such a cute idea! Did you bevel the edges of the washi tape pieces so that they would curve with the shape of the keys? Or did you just leave them square and tuck the edges down? Thanks!


I love all the bright colors and it helps me with an armoire I am doing for a baby's clothes. The outside is going to be a very glossy white with a stencil of a few basic shapes in yellow, green, etc But the inside is going to have color, and also be the latest in organization (Every thing a baby needs- all labeled with a dry erase board, a cute hard-covered journal, and shelves that have different colored Martha Stewart's cubes (these will be labeled too). I can't wait to get started! Tired of dark dreary furniture! If this is as fun as I think it will be, I'm doing all of it (and charge only for expenses & Not my time). It will be educational and fun!!
So cute but what if you can't remember which key is which? That is a problem!! But they are cute

Super cute and fun, but wouldn't they get gummy pretty soon?

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