Make It: Do-It-Yourself Colorful Keyboard

By: Lexy.b.ward May 02, 2013

It's always fun to add a little flair to your workspace. Kick things up a notch with this colorful project!         


Crack into your stash of washi tape and give your computer keyboard a facelift. Washi tape is thin enough that you can still see the keys through it! See this project and more fantastic washi tape ideas over here on Brit + Co

Washi Your Workspace via [Brit + Co.]

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I love all the bright colors and it helps me with an armoire I am doing for a baby's clothes. The outside is going to be a very glossy white with a stencil of a few basic shapes in yellow, green, etc But the inside is going to have color, and also be the latest in organization (Every thing a baby needs- all labeled with a dry erase board, a cute hard-covered journal, and shelves that have different colored Martha Stewart's cubes (these will be labeled too). I can't wait to get started! Tired of dark dreary furniture! If this is as fun as I think it will be, I'm doing all of it (and charge only for expenses & Not my time). It will be educational and fun!!
So cute but what if you can't remember which key is which? That is a problem!! But they are cute

Super cute and fun, but wouldn't they get gummy pretty soon?

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