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My wife, Liz, and I have bought an apartment in Brooklyn and are in the process of renovating it.

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New, very hard projects

By: Krasdale Oct 04, 2010

In my never-ending quest to utilize every bit of space I've got available in the apartment, I've identified two really useful, very difficult projects to do. The first is that in our living room we have about 14 feet of window, with a three-inch sill. The space below is mostly unused, except for one section where our radiator is, and another where the AC unit goes. What I'd like to do is build out book shelves in the under window area, except forContinue Reading

Homemade desk

By: Krasdale Oct 03, 2010

In our bedroom we have a bit of a space issue. The issue is that there's too much space. When you've only got 750 square feet of apartment it kind of sucks to have so much dedicated to a bedroom. But with Liz starting grad school I thought it would be good for her to have some space away from the living room to study.

Homemade desk

We had recently bought two Ikea Billy bookshelves and put them up on either side of the main window in our bedroom. IContinue Reading

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Kras! How's it goin' man? Long time since we've shared a cell. Those were the good days...
I got a private cell yes, and there's a few amenities (I am pretty happy I have a toilet seat). But it's prison people, prison. No one likes being in Prison. Also I was sent there for murder, which I did commit, but for which I should not have been punished. The guy was a jerk.
Yeah, stop being so pouty. I think i see a handdryer behind you. That's really nice.

Hola amigo! By "apartment" in Brooklyn do you mean, "cell" in Brooklyn. It looks cozy, so I have no idea why you're so pouty in your profile.

 I am so happy to see you on Curbly. When will you be home for the holidays? I am looking forward to seeing you!

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