How to: Make Custom Jazzed Up Cloth Napkins

By: Kellyb Aug 11, 2011

created at: 08/08/2011

See that rad cloth napkin that looks like it's straight out of the latest styled foodie magazine article? (Okay, the rest of the food looks really good too.) But I digress, care to venture a guess as to what to use to make one?  

created at: 08/08/2011

It's a striped tie-dying technique using a sharpie and rubbing alcohol! It's the best kind of easy, the unexpected kind using supplies you already have ready and waiting. It's a great way to pump up the volume on a set of tired, stained cloth napkins that would otherwise be headed for the trash. Erin Loechner has the full – and short – set of instructions waiting for you over on kirtsy!

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What a terrific idea! I have some napkins that are really showing their age (in a good way, as well as in a spotted-not-so-good-for-napkins way). I think I'll see what happens on a colored cloth background. Should be interesting!

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