Which Company Works In These Offices?

By: Jill w Jan 27, 2011

Best offices to work in Google Zurich Switzerland 2

To follow are 5 images of corporate offices we found extremely creative in their design of their office space. Can you guess who works where??   

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Your choices are Facebook, Google, Cartoon Network, Pixar, and Twitter. Any guesses??


Best offices to work in Twitter San Francisco USA 1



Best offices to work in Cartoon Network 2



Best offices to work in google office photos 15



Best offices to work in facebook office photos 04



Best offices to work in Pixar Emeryville California USA


Post your guess below or if you can't wait to find out check out the answers as well as more super cool offices here!

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a - twitter
b - cartoon network
c - google
d - facebook
e - pixar

Unfortunately, the names of the offices showed up when I paused my mouse over the images....

OK here goes, A. Facebook; B. Cartoon Network; C. Google; D. Twitter and E. Pixar. But I want to know who has the first one I am really likeing the "cones of silence". EJ
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