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I am a Kindle-addict!

By: Honeywest Mar 03, 2009

If you have not heard of the Kindle and you love to read, get thee too Amazon pronto. They launched the K2 last week and it is amazing I also became obsessed with finding the perfect case for it. Of course, it must be gorgeous and the boring backpack-ish looking stuff, I was finding, was not doing it. Then I found Borsa Bella on etsy! Gorgeous stuff! She will customize it and these will also work for some mini laptops (just check the size) andContinue Reading

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Domino Contest, I Won!!

By: Honeywest Jan 21, 2008
I want to thank all of you that voted! They posted a slide show of my room and I think it will make the front page later
this week! Check it out here:

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Domino Contest

By: Honeywest Nov 29, 2007
I entered the big Domino Decorating Contest and it turns out I was a runner up and they are having a kind of "2nd Chance" contest! I could win a grand! You can vote for me here! Mine is number 2 (top row middle), just one vote per email. Of course, I understand if you want to vote for another room, there are some really beautiful ones.
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Small & Sweet

By: Honeywest Apr 15, 2007
Nothing like a visit from Mom to get you to clean up your act! I scrubbed my tub and floors in my bathroom ...the thing I love about a small bathroom, it is easier to clean... Powderroom bathroom2 A few vintage finds can add a lot of charm...a collection of old perfume bottles, an estate sale painting, sea shells...oh and I decided to use this little step stool to hold toilet paper, after seeing a friend do this. Before I hadContinue Reading
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Recent Favorite Finds

By: Honeywest Apr 02, 2007
A very unusual bowl brought back from my last trip to Cali... lemons This rug, on sale in the Garden section, at Target ($50!) was just what my entry way needed to give it that finished look... target-rug I just added this rare Rookwood tea set,rookwood-teaset an eBay score, to my collection of pottery.... closeup-teapot
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Couch Decisions

By: Honeywest Apr 01, 2007

After months and months and months of searching for the perfect vintage couch, I finally found it at Crate & Barrel of all places! I ordered this Rochelle couch, based on a 60's design from them two weeks ago and it just arrived...I was hesitant to get some "new" but there are a lot of advantages in getting repros. The truth is, often furniture is just better constructed now a days and since a couch is a pretty bigContinue Reading

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