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Win this Beautiful Tote Bag

By: Honeywest Dec 07, 2009

Made by Mayan Indians from reclaimed textiles, you can win this beautiful tote bag in plenty of time for Christmas. Giveaway ends Dec. 14th... details.


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British Inspiration

By: Honeywest Aug 28, 2009

created at: 2009-08-28

Clarice Cliff might be a new name to many in the U.S. but she is a virtual icon in the UK.

A true trailblazer in deco pottery design, her pieces are highly collectible. Esp her prewar 

hand painted "Bizarre ware"... which can sell for thousands! Learn more here...

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Stylish Read Giveaway!

By: Honeywest Aug 24, 2009

created at: 2009-08-24

I have been a devoted Kindle user for a while now and have tried several cases. I was recently given a couple of new ones to try out by JAVOedge. I love these! You can see more pics, the full review and enter to win one here!

Kiehl's Super Summer Giveaway

By: Honeywest Aug 13, 2009

 created at: 2009-08-13

I am really excited about this one, which I actually arranged, just so I could shoot a cool beauty story. I think it is my best giveaway yet!

Auctions Done Badly

By: Honeywest Jun 18, 2009

created at: 2009-06-18

I love auctions, not only is a great way to find amazing deals, they are also a lot of fun when done well. As was a folk art auction I attended at Slotin Auction house. However, if not run well, as I learned last weekend, it can be a long frustrating day and a waste of time and money. I just posted complete details in my blog post, How NOT to Run an Auction! You can also read how an auction is done well here

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Another Piewacket Giveaway!

By: Honeywest Jun 09, 2009

The fantastic store Sandpiper, with two locations in Atlanta and an online boutique is giving away

a beautiful Ili leather wallet and a $100 giftcard! for details visit my blog Piewacket!

created at: 2009-06-09


Photos © Lara Rossiginol

Orla Kiely Chair Redo!

By: Honeywest May 24, 2009

created at: 2009-05-24

A vintage chair + an Orla Kiely laundry bag= adorable chair makeover! 

Clicky here for more pics and details! 

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Loving Green

By: Honeywest May 19, 2009

This lovely spring weather is making me love all things green! I didn't even realize how much I loved the color till I went through and saw all I have collected. I posted more pics of my green finds here

Beautiful Bag Giveaway!

By: Honeywest May 04, 2009

Happy May! I am giving away a gorgeous Borsa Bella bag this month on my new Piewacket blog!

Check it out for more details, pics and how to enter info!

created at: 2009-05-04

So cute!

Lots of other fun stuff, recent post include yard sale tips and great finds... all feedback appreciated!

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Giving Away June in April!

By: Honeywest Apr 17, 2009

created at: 2009-04-17

I just started a little photo show & tell blog, Piewacket,  to showcase my passions. Including decorating of course!

I am giving away something every month, in April I am giving away June!