Reduce, Reuse, Recycle $0

By: Frithmobiles Dec 05, 2006
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle $0

1 tissue TP of any kind
2 Empty CD Holder (after CD's have all been used)
3 Cut the center of the top of the empty CD Holder (or unscrew spindle) with an exacto knife
4 Take out cardboard center of the TP roll
5 Place TP roll into CD holder and pull center of roll through the top

Add colored/patterned paper to the inside of holder for added effect and to conceal the TP


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That is a great idea about the toliet paper roll.  I also thought that it would be great for travelers to use in their emergency kit to keep the toliet paper clean and easy to find in an emergency.  I know winter is over for most of us (THANK GOODNESS!!!), but why not start preparing your emergency kit now?

this is perfectmy cats have just found out about toilet paper and wont leave it alone! I was looking for something to buy but this is way better!!

Oh too cool!  I'm going to make one of these to carry in my car, one for at my desk, and one for each nightstand in ever bedroom, one in the drawer of the end table in the Gentlemen's Parlor, and one to tuck on the bottom shelf of the little table in sunroom, and one in the etegere in the half bath and one for and one for and one for and and and......... 

I think I'm going to have to find lots of things to load onto all those CDs.  Or maybe I'll cover a wall with them so I don't have to wait so long to make all the tissue holders.  Yah, think?

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ahhhh...the geeks got a hold of it.
It was picked up by Digg.
why does this have so many views? was it boing boing'd or something?
wow...this will cat proof the TP too. That is priceless in our home.
Ahh I see, yep I'm an allergy sufferer myself and have often resorted to the same economy tissues method you describe. Certainly lets you disguise the fact it's toilet paper very well, you could even inlay a bit of card or patterned paper on the inside so it was no longer transparent. :)

Cool idea. 

I've been saving those cd-r/dvd-r spindles for some upcoming project.  I was thinking about using them to organize fastners.  Like a nicer looking version of the pickle jar thing -- attach the base on the top of a shelf and fill the clear cylinder with screws, etc.

That is great too....BUT  it looks like Toilet Paper.  My idea is to look like a tissue dispenser not TP for the bathroom.  Nice drawing.  I use a lot of tissues this time a year, and TP is much cheaper, I also have dust allergies.... this keeps the TP dust contained nicely.  I will try your idea, but turned so it stands.  thanks!

Thought of another way you could do this with the same materials too:

Rather than cutting the spindle out of the "lid" (as I'll refer to that part from now on), why not instead cut a small 1-2 inch wide slit along the length of the "container" (transparent part that twist locks into the "lid") from top to bottom, and then use the spindle to hold the TP roll (without removing cardboard tube).

 Effectively you could then fix the "lid" to a wall, position the slit on the "container" so it was facing down, and you have another form of public TP dispenser, as the TP revolves on the spindle and can be pulled out without crumpling through the slit at the bottom.

Thanks Bruno for the nice photo add.  I love making my mobiles, never a dull moment around here...especially this time of year.  Get your orders in now! time is running short for Xmas!

Make sure to check out Julie's sweet mobiles too:

Frith Mobiles 


I love! 

My husband leaves these things all over the house and I've yet to find a good way to recycle them.  And cats, Will, cats.  You're right, my cats will be hard pressed to find a way into this roll.  Fantastic. 

And the brilliant part, and possibly the best selling point, is that it's CAT PROOF.

What? No one else's cat plays with the toilet paper roll at 3am?

Wow, just like one of those paper towel dispensers in public bathrooms, but smaller, and flipped upside-down.
brilliant! simply brilliant!!!!

This is sweet. 


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