Roundup: 10 Clever Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

By: Faith-towers Jun 10, 2014

10 Super Clever Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

It's that time of year when the weather has finally gotten nicer and nobody wants to be inside. And entertaining outdoors gives us a whole new set of creative options for decor, food and beverages, and even activities. Click through for ten totally clever outdoor entertaining ideas.   

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Clever Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

1. Put drinks in mini mason jars... they are bug-proof and also fairly spill-proof. [Photo: Nicole Hill]

2. Give champagne a fun twist by adding frozen fruit pops. [Photo: Southern Living]

Clever Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

3. Give your ice bucket a backyard twist by freezing fresh flowers inside of the ice cubes. So pretty! [Photo: O Blog De Casamento]

4. Along these same lines, freeze berries inside the cubes that you'll be using for drinks. [Photo: Unoriginal Mom]

5. Keep bugs out of your food by putting them in large glass jars with lids. [Photo: The Berry]

Clever Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

6. Freeze water balloons to create a super colorful ice bucket. [Photo: The Knot]

7. Another great way to keep bugs away from your drinks... cupcake liners! [Photo: Lifehacker]

Clever Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

8. Backyard bowling is a fun game for kids and adults. Find out how to make your own set here. [Photo: Moonfrye]

9. Trees are the perfect backdrop for hanging tea lights... use colorful ribbons that match your decor. [Photo: Ella Blue Studio]

10. Another clever use for cupcake liners: place them over string lights so they look like mini lamp shades! [Photo: IKEA Hackers]

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