Before and After: An Entryway Makeover, Inside and Out

By: Faith-towers May 06, 2013

It's not often that we get to see an entryway makeover from both the outside and the inside. Well today is our lucky day, because this thorough transformation has been documented from all angles... and what a dramatic change it is!   


Lauren of Pure Style Home paid attention to every detail of her entryway; she used paint, greenery, lighting and a little elbow grease to create a welcoming place for visitors to enter her home. 

She covered the dauntingly high ceilings on the inside with a gorgeous selection of prints, and filled the area in between with a large light fixture that fit the space better than the original tiny light. Head on over to her blog Pure Style Home to check out the rest of her beautiful home makeover.

Just A Year Ago... [Pure Style Home] 

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I'd love to see the ladder work involved in setting the prints on the wall On my stairs, with very high cathedral ceiling walls it is near impossible to plot and hang
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