How to Create a Custom Mosaic Armoire

By: Erinloechner Sep 17, 2007

Check out the new DIY Day Lab for a fun and easy weekend project:


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1. Sanded it completely
2. Primed with Kilz
3. Glass Tiles applied on top of panels with tile adhesive.
4. Applied un-sanded grout to the tiles.
5. Painted 3 coats of Kilz interior Semi-Gloss
5. 3 Coats of Polycrylic in Satin, which also took some of the gloss away.
7. New knobs.

Thanks, Day Lab! 

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Very interesting project for the can even use those tiles and use different colors to make not only a collage but a picture of something.
Nice work Erin. It looks fantastic!
that's beautiful!
That is a really nice job. Love it!!


i LOVE what you did. great patterns! it reminds me of the game of go, actually.



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