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Writer Erin Loechner launched award-winning art/design blog Design for Mankind in mid-2007 in an attempt to bring light to the inspiration found in today’s creative culture. Through photography, product design, style and craft, Design for Mankind is dedicated to showcasing the talents of the emerging art and design community.

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I'm a husband of one, and proud to say so....



Hello! I'm one of the curbly founders.  Thanks for checking...

DIY Maven
DIY Maven

Although I'm a writer by education and profession, I have...


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I just read this-- congratulations to you and Alicia! Im...

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Oh wonderful!

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Oh the beauty!!!! :)

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Ha--- you are SO sweet, Shelley!

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Awww, thanks for the espanol fix, Bruno! :)

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srantz says:
That is gorgeous!
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asilnnigcm says:
Love this rocker! I had one when I gave birth...
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Cracker says:
I love this! I've been looking for one for months....
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fides fermata says:
Benny, why do you need a baby cradle?
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Well Manor'ed says:
Nice!!! The illusionary possibilities are vast.
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kat leuzinger.

By: Erinloechner Oct 27, 2008

Quite excited to see more of this gal.


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the essence of rabbit.

By: Erinloechner Oct 27, 2008

A bunny mandala?! I love it!

Link: the essence of rabbit

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Bedford - just south of Bloomington
i've actually been considering a move to LA sometime within the next year.
I'm glad you did it - that's an encouraging boost for me!!
stay well.

erin - where are you from - i'm a small So. Ind. fish too!


Did you guys ever finish your garage project?


 Once again you've been Brilliant!  How to Create a Custom Mosaic Armoire what a great idea! Your thoughts and designs just make me sooo happy. Thanks I appreciate you.

The steel was about $7 a sheet 24 x 36 ". I used tinsnips to cut it to size and the filing took about 15 min. per piece b/c I wanted it perfect (no nicks and cuts for my houseguests!) I would say that once you had the measurements & the materials you could get the project done in an afternoon. Maybe two if you have a bunch of doors. The project cost me about $30! So cheap! I will try to post a close up of the bolts and the backside of the doors soon....


Thanks for putting my project on your blog. Sometimes  restrictions force us to come up with an amazing solution, and this was one of those times!  Love your ideas and your sense of color- great work!

 Thanks for the offer of friendship, it's my pleasure!
Thanks for the add! Have a great day!
thanx for the add!
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