Painting a Month - February Update

By: Elizabethperry Feb 26, 2007

12 canvases as of February

Here is the next  painting in the series of landscapes from memory.  Thank you all again for the prize - getting to  spend time each month daydreaming and sketching and remembering places from my life - is like getting to take a different vacation every month.

February painting

Once again I'm thinking about the coastline of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. 

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Thanks, all. DIY, I'm not sure where I'll go in the landscapes this year. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them involved water. I have family roots on Cape Ann, so that landscape runs deep in me. But seascapes are not the only landscape I like drawing. For the blog, I have been doing a weekly series of black and white drawings of Pittsburgh since mid-September. (They're on flickr, too: Bruno - no plan at all in the arrangement in the grid - just whim. Going through the canvases left to right, top to bottom felt too mechanical when I was starting last month. Picking the next spot will be part of the fun of changing the composition on the wall as I go along, I think. I expect that March's picture will land somewhere on the top row.
This is lovely and your dedication to the process is so inspirational! Do you think you might visit other places from memory, or do you see this as an ode to Cape Ann? Bravo!
Great work, Elizabeth! Any insight on how you're choosing to place these things in your grid? Is there a pattern?
Elizabeth, these are beautiful! Nice to have a painted diary of the year, retrospectively inspired or not. Well done you. 
Lovely.  This is still one of the best ideas I've seen in forever and a day. 
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