10 Gorgeous Minimal Kitchens

By: Diy maven Feb 18, 2011

I've become a fan of kitchens that don't look like kitchens. You know, cabinets that look more like furniture, appliances that don't announce their presence, that kind of thing. Of course, the ultimate in the kitchens that don't look like kitchens are those of the minimal persuasion, and these are some of the most stunning examples one can find. 

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The Minimal kitchen by Varenna (Poliform) 7

Simple black white kitchen design

cgs fancy green kitchen 582x364 Green Kitchens Design Idea

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I agree with Chrisjob back in Feb.23, 2011. The last kitchen of the 10 chosen looks livable, workable and real.  Though minimal, it has a warmth about it that the other examples are laking.  This last kitchen invites one to come in and not only eat something good but to CREATE something good to eat! This last one is my favorite, too, Chrisjob!

smart man!

The last is my favorite...cause it looks like people might actually cook in that one


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