What's the best bottle cutter on the market?

By: Diy maven Jan 18, 2011

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About a year or so ago, I found myself shopping for a bottle cutter. I spotted an inexpensive one at my local craft store, and since I had a project in mind that required a bottle cutter, I bought it. As it turned out, that wasn't a good idea. It didn't cut so much as scrape. Plus, I wanted to cut slanty bottles (at the neck, actually) and it certainly wouldn't do that. (Can any cutter do that?) I put it back into its box and stuck it in the closet in my craft room and that's where it's been ever since. Now, after seeing so many more great recycling projects out there, like the tumblers pictured above, I want to give glass cutting another go. So, to make a long story a short question...what's the best bottle cutter on the market?

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@anonymous - no, comments get deleted when they're just SEO spam with links to external sites. If you want to discuss your experiences with bottle cutters, that's great. But we don't need people promoting their own products at our expense. 

So, comments get deleted from here when we show some pretty cool stuff done with bottles cutters, hey ? Seems like the author of this thread has their own agenda. Why bother with What's The Best Bottle Cutter on Curbly ?

Has anyone tried cutting a bottle lengthwise? What cutter did you use?

Yes, I have a Kinkajou and have a few comments.

- I find it very difficult to maintain lateral stability, meaning the bottle tends to twist as you rotate the cutter. The result is a score line which does not end where it started. A score line which is not straight produce a bad bottle cut, jagged edges, more work, and more ruined bottles.

- the cutting blade is cheap, and only good for around 200 scores. Replacements only cost about $12 but if the spent a few more cents to use a good silicon carbide blade it could last for thousands of scribes.

Cheers, Murray

Has anyone tried the Kinkajou? It's in my price range, was thinking of ordering it.

It does take practice for scoring and finding a good water temp so it doesn't crack all over the place. Local winery gives me their empty bottles every week. If any of mine don't cut perfect, into recycling they go. There are more bottles and they keep on coming! Luckily the labels come off easily with a warm water bath.


Just cut first bottles. First one was not too good 2nd one was perfect. Out of six got 2 perfect 2 not too bad. Not too shabby too shabby for 1st time. Need to practice mt sanding seems to leave a dark mark where sanded


Right on Rich !


Thanks for your time will be ordering from Amozon today good price plus free shipping

Thanks Mavin

Going to order the creators brand today. Their customer service seems better. I contacted bindu several times all I was told was to down load the instructions. 

Ray (creators) has responded to several questions and I have not purchased it yet. I have found in life you kind of get what you pay for hopefully the extra$ will be well spent. Thanks all

@Rich--Three years after writing this post--didn't want to rush it ;)--I finally settled on the Bindu yesterday. Can't wait to get it and put it through its paces! (I'll probably write a review of it for Curbly in the fourthcoming weeks.) According to the company's website, it does cut square bottles. They even feature a picture of tumblers cut from Jim Beam bottles that look fantastic. 

Thinking of the bindu or creators bottle cutter. Would like opinions from users whonhavevused them. Bindu is very hard to get any answerer fromvia email. Can both cut square bottles or bottle necks

Will and Barbara,

I started out inexpensive with G2 cutter and was happy with results. But I wanted a consistent height for my candles. No two wine bottles seemed the same. So I looked for a bottle cutter that measured from the bottom up instead of top down for A LOT less adjusting. I tried Bindu and was very happy. Discovered that it came with multiple scoring blades on a wheel (just rotate to next blade when one is dull). It sits solid on my countertop and wing nuts don't loosen. I didn't realize how much better Bindu was until I tried it. Depending on your needs (consistenty, etc), you might want to spend more ($100). 

Just my 2 cents worth, thanks! Lisa

I've used a diamond blade tile saw, but the vibrations were horrible. As a result my cuts were less than spectacular, lots of rough edges and LOTS of broken bottles. A real bottle cutter would be better.


Thanks for sharing nice information on bottle cutter. Also want this youtube video explaining to cut glass bottle using only nail polish remover/acetone, string, matches/a lighter, and cold water.


I never saw it as cutting bottles, more like 'engraving' it and then with the help of cold/hot 'break' the bottle in half. I guess there are many ways on how to break glass neatly.

I have searched long for the perfect cutter but of course as with many things it's the user's skills as well that counts ;-) Practice and practice! Eventually I found my bottle cutter on Amazon  and they come in different price ranges. Read the reviews and choose one I guess, good luck!


The Creator's Bottle Cutter is number one. It is the only bottle cutter with a Carbide cutting wheel and it gives you a perfect score. You can cut and relieve a score in less than 3 minutes. We have tried them all, and believe me, you get what you pay for when it comes to bottle cutting. We cut 1000s of bottles and this is the BEST !!!  Go delphiglass.com to look at the reviews. 

I have tried a number of bottle cutters but the best one I have found is Creator's Premium Bottle Cutter purchased from Delphiglass.com  Really well made, smart design, easy to use, superb results.

Just bought the bindu cutter and I like it a lot. Scores are straight so bottles break clean, much less sanding. I make recycled wine bottle soy candles, and bottles are many different heights. Bindu measures from the bottom, much less adjusting for a consistent sized candle. I tried a Gen Green style, got good scores, but measuring from the top down took too much time adjusting the blade. I recommend Bindu! I also use hot water/ice water method for cracking, works well. Hot water shouldn't be boiling, but cold water should be an ice bath. Hope this helps. 


There are soooo many people cutting bottles nowadays, must be a new recycling trend :-) I just bought a cutter here in Amsterdam for a project, for around 40 USD. But now I noticed that there are many different kinds of cutters for sale on amazon. If I knew before I would bought a different one.

I've tried different methods for splitting: candle, cold/hot water, etc. but most of the time I still have those little 'chips' come off and they are difficult to polish them smooth. I do have get a straight cut though.

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