Ikea Hack: The Ultimate Twin High Chair

By: Diy maven Jan 13, 2011

Twins. Double the double the love; double the stuff. Joslyn and Jakob needed high chairs, but instead of buying two of them, their daddy, Jared, hacked a table from Ikea and turned it into a brilliant activity/feeding table. I love the fact that mom and dad can sit across from the little tykes while everyone eats. Brilliant. For more information about the project follow this jump to The Workman's Blog.

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Love the idea except that it seems useless.

I love the idea, but wonder why he cut through the both sides of the table? Seems a waste since you can't add the leaf now.

bruno--such a daycare item is what inspired this hack. I like the fact that there are no separate high chairs taking up space, too.

Love this. They have something like this at my daughter's daycare, but instead of a table with two seats embedded, it has ten!

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