Building Fire Art Installation

By: Diy maven Jan 06, 2011

fond Sensational Light Project in Vancouver: Fire with Fire

Although it might look like it, this building isn't actually on fire. The conflagration is a choreographed art installation by Isabelle Hayeur in Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. The fire is created via video projectors and 3 blu-ray players. The effect, however, is completely realistic. Check out the video below to see the ignition to all out 5 alarm. (No word if the fire department actually showed up. I'm guessing they were clued in on the exhibit.)

For more stills, go here.





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How ironic would it be if the place actually caught fire and burned down?

I'm with the OP, I bet the artist informed the fire department beforehand. For example, where I live, if you plan on doing a huge barbecue that'll create a lot of smoke, you just let the fire department know beforehand so they'll know to calm down any panicked calls they might get.

Looks more like a real life troll. Where's the artist statement to this, bet it would be great reading.

Yeah, it just seems wrong.

Something about this feels ... illegal to me.

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