Make a Bucket Advent Calendar

By: Diy maven Nov 30, 2010


Tomorrow may be December 1st, but that doesn't mean we don't have time to make this absolutely delightful bucket advent calendar. Here's the materials list for a quick trip to the store:    

  • 9 bags of white tin pails (the maker found hers at a Dollar Tree in the wedding aisle)
  • numbered vinyl stickers (or an electronic cutting machine and appropriate cartridge)
  • Krylon Cherry Red spray paint
  • primer
  • MDF of wood board
  • a pretty flower
  • angled screws
  • drill and drill bit

For the entire tutorial, head on over to Infarrantly Creative.




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@Ally--That's a great list! Thanks for including this post!!

I love this idea so much I have included it in a list of handmade advent calendars on my blog. Such a beautifully simple and achievable (that's very important) project.

You can see it along with some more at...

....if you like.

Thanks for posting this. I enjoy coming here.

Ally of harrysdesk.

IC, it was my pleasure. It's a darling project!!


Thanks for the love!

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