Turn Old Tires into a Storage Bin

By: Diy maven Aug 03, 2010

Spotted this pic today with no description whatsoever, but what a clever idea. A couple of tires secured together and mounted to a piece of plywood (I'm guessing here) with some casters attached. Another round bit of plywood (again guessing here) to serve as a lid with drawer handle attached.  A little spray paint later, and we'd be done. 

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You could connect the tires using a bolt and a nut just guessing here but that would make perfect sense since the bottom plywood could be connected the same way

Wonder how you would attach the tires to each other? With what?

Answering an e-mail from me, David Wright AIA spoke out against the use of tires in homes on account of their toxicity. He doesn't approve of 'EarthShips' being constructed of tires. It gave me the impression that tires in homes are unhealthy, you might want to research it.

Good luck :)


I can totally see doing this... with 2 boys and a mechanic for a husband we always have tires and too many toys... outside toys in a tire bin would be cool...

Awww...ej....you are SO welcome!

Off Topic: A great big Super Duper thanks to Bruno for getting me back rolling. And thanks to all of you, even though I'm new to this site a day with out makes me sad. You all have embraced a DIY amature and made me feel like family. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

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