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By: Diy maven Jun 17, 2010

image 008 Living Large in a Small Apartment

I know what you're thinking, 'A PINK couch???' Oh, but what a sweet pink couch it is! The focal point in the living room of this cheerful 61 square-meter apartment in Sweden absolutely pops in its white palette. As far as the other side of the room goes...take look:   image 005 Living Large in a Small Apartment

The white backdrop is carried throughout with vibrant accents here and there.

image 025 Living Large in a Small Apartment

Check out the rest of the apartment, including its to-die-for terrace, at Freshome.


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It is a great view, but for me unless there was action I'd need the TV too. LOL

I think either something is fishy at Freshome or my Google reader links are hinky. Either way, I think it's fixed now. 

I agree about the TV too. With that view, they really shouldn't need one anyway!


In looking at the rest of the home I'm curious as to the placement of the TV. Very odd.

Though I love the look of a white backdrop in a home I've tried it (well with beige/cream) I need more color.

Oh and your link is wrong dear Maven.

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