Make It! Secondhand Chic: Quick & Easy Garden Decor

By: Diy maven Apr 12, 2010

created at: 04/12/2010

Looking for some simple, quick and CHEAP garden decor that the birdies will love? Check it out...with a few supplies you can make bird baths and feeders in less than a minute. Yes, you read that correctly. Less than a minute! Here's what you'll need to make 'em:      

created at: 04/12/2010

  • a bud vase or two
  • a cup and saucer and/or a shallow cereal bowl (I bought the vases and china at my local thrift store for less than $4.)
  • 36" long x 3/4" diameter dowels
  • clear caulk

Step 1: To make the saucer feeder, apply caulk to the saucer and position cup over it.

created at: 04/12/2010

Step 2: Apply caulk to the bottom of vase and position saucer/cup assembly over it. (If making the saucer type, just skip to step 2.)

created at: 04/12/2010

Step 3: Let caulk set up until hard.

Step 4: Drive dowels into ground or large pot.

created at: 04/12/2010

Step 5: Wait for birdies to find 'em.

(Photo Credits: J.A. Moser)



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Any worries about the untreated wood rotting?

Not having the vase glued to the dowel would also make it easier to clean.  You really need to make sure that your bird baths stay clean so that disease doesn't breed.  

I'm really excited.  I think I found a good cup, but had trouble finding a saucer and bud vases, probably because I didn't go to the right type of thrift store, but still....

Heaven, the dowel fits just inside the vase, so the vase's throat keeps it from being wobbly. 

Did you use caulk on the dowel/inside the vase?  If not, how do you keep the whole feeder/bath from wobbling when a bird lands on the edge?

Melinda-Have fun thrifting!

Cool!  I can do that.  Okay, gotta go find some thrift stores tomorrow.  :D  Thanks for the tip.

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