When Opulence Goes Wrong

By: Diy maven Feb 24, 2010

lineatre bathroom silver 3 Dramatic, Opulent and Original Bathtubs From Lineatre

If these sorts of bathrooms appeal to you, then I apologize for the post's title. But if you're like me and they are so over the top they kinda make your skin crawl, you'll agree that something has gone terribly wrong here.

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lineatre bathroom gold 2 Dramatic, Opulent and Original Bathtubs From Lineatre 


lineatre bathroom silver 6 Dramatic, Opulent and Original Bathtubs From Lineatre

To be further wowed (or repulsed) follow this link to more images.

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Over the top is great sometimes.

Bear with me and take this one step further: Having a faux drawer front in your boudoir with a bath attached to it that you can pull out from the wall would make it top:-)



Very Funeral Parlor

i just vomited

Ha Ha Ha Ha, just what I thought, they are probablly stuck up.

Createcass...Not needed. People with these kinds of bathrooms don't poop. ;)

Where is the toilet?

ditto: gross.

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