Turn a book into a picture/card holder.

By: Diy maven Feb 13, 2009

Take one old hardcover book. Fold the pages in half. Tuck in pictures, post cards, etcetera. To see another not quite as charming example of a folded paper card holder, go here.

From Sweet Paul. Photo by Ellen Silverman.

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Instructions available anywhere? I've looked all over, no results. Maybe i'm just going to find the middle of the book and go from there! Anyone know of instructions? Thanks

That's a great idea! :D I love it.  However it takes some time to fold the pages, especially if the book is big...

This is a really cute idea. Everyone has too many books and too many extra photos / cards around. Terrific solution for dealing with both in an artful way. Wish I'd thought of it first but I guess that doesn't mean I can't use the idea anyway!
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