How to make reused glass frames.

By: Diy maven Jan 09, 2009

Shannon Quimby was ruminating over some windowpanes leftover from a French door and came up with this slick framing project, the cost of which set her back about a dollar.

What you'll need:

  • Two pieces of leftover glass--either from an old French door, windowpane or even from unloved picture frames.
  • 4 heavy-duty rubber bands (!)
  • Something to frame.
  • Epoxy glue.
  • An eyelet picture frame hook.

The proceedure is so simple, you can probably figure out what you'll need to do, but a quick scan of the tutorial wouldn't hurt. Via.

Image courtesy of Marv Bondarowicz/The Oregonian.

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I just wanted to warn readers that elastic bands will eventually dry out and become stiff or crumbly. I think that the solution is very elegant in appearance, but I think readers should be warned about the lifetime of elastic bands. Perhaps Ribbon or Sewing Elastic may be better alternatives. Otherwise great idea!

True! The glass in windows is usually not as sharp as picture-frame glass, but cut glass like the kind you can get at a hardware store, if you want to use new glass for this project, is even sharper yet.

If you're going to do this, wear thick gloves: the glass inside some picture frames can have very sharp edges!

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