Convert A Tripod Into A Floor Lamp

By: Diy maven Sep 04, 2007

If you come across an old tripod at a tag sale, buy it. They make fabulous floor lamps! Converting one doesn’t even need a how-to; just a lamp kit and a shade. My entire project cost about 25-30 bucks when all was said and done.

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gertie--fingers crossed! ;)

Love this idea and have been wanting to try it.  A yardsale had a sprinkler tripod for $5 today, so it'll be my first lamp project.  Cross your fingers for me,  please.


gertie @

Great job on this! I've made a few of my own custom tripod lamps as well. Check them out on etsy.

You're welcome, gFunk! PB was my inspiration. 

thanks for this DIY project. now i don't have to spend $200 at pottery barn.

You can find inexpensive lamp kits (basically just a socket with a cord attached!) in the lighting department of just about any big box or hardware store.

Love the idea of the tripod lamp! Been looking for one for ages! But where do you buy lamp kits from?

Thanks for the idea I now have one of my Phones on a tripod and it looks fantastic. Cheers

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