Green & White from Crate & Barrel

By: Diy maven Jun 13, 2007


In Crate & Barrel’s Trends section, they are promoting a lovely coupling of green and white of the cottage variety. The highlight is a striped quilt in a succesful grouping of greens. The quilt, which includes grass, kiwi and lime, comes from their margarita collection. Looks and sounds refreshing, no?

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Gah! I find it so hard to coordinate colours and furniture in a room! I chalk it up to my being a recent college grad fresh out of school, and what's more currently unemployed (well, until someone starts paying me for being a FT homemaker, anyway), but I still live with a mishmash of different secondhand furniture... I only recently just got a matching sheet set complete with duvet cover (satin... SOOO comfy!), which made me feel loads better...! As it is, our dining table is a friggin drafting table and our dining chairs are simple folding metal chairs... >:( But anyway. Design inspiration!
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