My New Craft Room: Completed

By: Diy maven May 17, 2007

It started as a repository for stuff, mostly of the craft variety. The walls were colorless and storage was slim.

After a month or so of consideration and work, my new craft room is orderly, calm and colorful.

All in all, the entire room cost–in new materials–107 bucks. This included the fabric, paint, wood, fabric drawers for the desk, an Ikea Espressivo desk lamp and decorative doo-dads. What it didn’t include was the chair, rug, desktop, baskets, antique spools and chest of drawers, which I had on hand. The last of these, MWT made several years ago. The two-inch deep upper drawers of the chest were meant to hold rubber stamps, and are probably the best way to store such things.

To top off, my assistant has abandoned the drawer and taken to her comfy seat.


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@anon...I DID make the glass shelf! Here's a link to the process.

I love the glass rack... did you make it? If so, care to share the steps ?? :)

Thanks Joe! You can never have enough light...especially in a craft room. :)

Love what you did with the room and especially how the lightings (both artificial and natural) illuminates the entire place, adding that cosy touch.

@Rosanna...Thanks! It looks pretty much the same since I did the room, only now it's just a little more 'lived in'. ;)  Replaced the area rug with a chenille, solid navy blue rug, took down the 'floral' art (neither is really me), and moved the plant out. 

It's very very lovely and beautiful!!!!!!

I am in LOVE with your room, love the colour of the walls and the pencil holders are awesome.  Great job and thanks for the inspiration. :)  

Magic--the room sounds great! Yes, I too am more productive when I leave things out. 

I got to take over my DD's bedroom when she moved out - I do dry crafts (sewing and needlepoint/cross-stitch and beading), and the bathroom's right out the door - I added a drop-leaf table (passed-down) to the outgrown furniture (doubles as guest room), which opens up the floor space when it's down and is big enough to cut on when pulled out (though I do prefer the hardwood floor) and sturdy enough for the sewing machine. I ran a shelf between a bookshelf and cabinet over the back of the table to hold baskets and supplies. I also added "cubes" to some already in there for storing art supplies in drawers and cubbies for projects or plastic beading boxes, as well as small bins for materials.. 

Because I tend to have several projects going at once, I have put up IKEA picture ledges (cheapest I could find) at various heights and arrangements to keep them out and available. I'd like to add shelving with a slant for beading boards, so I could lay out a project and brood over it. Winston Churchill had a system like that - you can also store stuff underneath if you use a piano hinge and a box.

It's amazing how productive I am now that I can leave stuff out.

Don't tell anybody, but I've got a box or two still stashed away--it's stuff I don't use often, so I figure that's okay. And although the room's been finished for a couple months now, I still find myself bringing supplies home and getting down to work in the kitchen. Last time that happened Mr. Maven happened to call. He asked me where I was working and when I told him, he scolded me--deservedly so, I might add!

P.S. I like the pen/pencil thingy too. I think it's my favorite thing in there!

I am absolutely trembling with jealousy right now!!!!! You know, I thought the only way to keep pens and markers organized and looking good was to keep them OUT of sight, but you have changed my mind completely about that with that cute cupholder of yours!!! I also love how all the furniture matches! Even your assistant's little pet bed!! I also really like the colour of the walls! I'm patiently waiting to have my own little craft room as well; right now my supplies are in different boxes in different rooms, and I use different tables depending on my mood and what I'm making... Ah!!! Ok, you are officially banned... From making any more cute things!!! lol Just kidding! Keep them coming!!!!!! *pets the kitty through the computer screen*
I really love that colour scheme, but we've sworn off of baby pinks and blues so people (read:family) don't think we're out to have kids just yet!
This is ultrafantastic.  You never fail to amaze and inspire me.  Well done, DIYMaven.
Awesome! Very well done!
Oh, that will probably happen in the new house. Right now all we want to do is get ready to move. Thanks for the add!

Wow, so calm and welcoming! Great Job!

My room needs a *serious* overhaul! ::sigh::

Thanks Surly! I think you should make your wife one ;)
That's sweet. My wife loves the rack with the glasses. Nice Job.
A organized.



What's along the back wall?

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