Unbelievable Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table Makeover

By: Diy maven Mar 03, 2014

A while back Beck snagged this walnut, Drexel Declaration coffee table at an auction. Since then, the table had been waiting patiently in her garage for her attention. And attention it needed. The finish  had yellowed over time, plus there were the expected scratches and ware on a piece 50+ years old. Recently, Beck found some time and got down to business. With Formby's and fine-grit sandpaper, she made the table over in an unbelievable way. Check out the 'after':

WHY is this makeover unbelievable? Because, although the finish did have its issues, Beck didn't paint it, wall paper it, or stencil it. Nope, with a lot of know-how and patience, she brought the table back to its original life.

To see how Beck accomplished the makeover, she's documented the entire process in loving detail at Beckwith's Treasures

Don't Meddle with mod. [Better After]

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for not painting this gorgeous MCM table!  I want to buy every MCM and Danish Modern piece I see - just to keep the misguided "upcyclers" from painting/stenciling/distressing/ruining these beauties!

I literally gasped when I saw the after -- SO BEAUTIFUL. *drool*


Wow!  When I first saw the article I almost didn't want to see the end result.  So many people paint over or cut to pieces perfectly good, and in this case perfectly awesome, furniture.  Thank you for keeping with the original design.  It's beautiful.

Thank you for the awesome feature!  This was a piece I truly enjoyed working on...I wish more people appreciated this furniture for what it is...a treasure! Every time I find a MMC piece, I fall madly in love! I LOVE the MMC pieces you have scattered about! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.  And when you get bored, you can help me figure out what to do with my room...or send Emily my way!  JEALOUS!!!!

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