Warm and Inviting Condo Kitchen Makeover

By: Diy maven Jan 10, 2014

The kitchen in this lofty downtown Minneapolis condo had a lot going for it, including a spectacular view. However, it was a bit sterile, and the kitchen was laid out in such a way that all seated guests had their backs  to the view. Not good! Designers, builders and remodelers, Murphy Bros. fixed all that. They kept the same color palette, but swapped it around, as it were. The new cabinets took the warm tone of the old countertop, and the new countertop took the tone of the old cabinets. Take a look at what the kitchen looks like now:

For more pictures of this and other kitchen makeovers done by Murphy Bros., click here.

Condo Kitchen Remodel in Minneapolis [Murphy Bros.]

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I like the new granite.

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