From Painful to Pretty: Milk Bottle Vase Makeover

By: Diy maven Dec 18, 2013

Why does the 'after' come first? Because I couldn't subject Curbly's homepage to the 'before'. The vase in question caught my attention at my local Goodwill for two reasons. One: I liked the classic milk bottle shape. Two: because it was nothing less than hideous. So I plunked  down the $2.99 and rescued it, deciding I could make it over with a bit of spray paint. 

First, I shot it all over with some high gloss white enamel I had on hand. When that was dry and cured, I taped (and newspapered) off a section around the middle and shot it with Premium Decor Chrome spray paint that I found at my local TrueValue hardware store. (BTW, if you've never used this paint, it's quite fabulous and gives a deep, lustrous finish. I adore it.) 

And now, the before. Ta-da:

So that's my most recent rescue story. Do you have one? Have you ever rescued something to make over just because you felt sorry for it?

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nancy—I couldn't agree more! But it was pretty bad before. Not to mention filthy. I had to scrub the yuck off with an SOS! I was surprised GW put it out in that condition.

Robert—Noted! ;)

I actually like the 'before' better!

Very useful reuse ideas , i would definately gonna try it..

As I look at all the decor that is the current rage, I cannot help but think that the disparaging remarks people have for 80's decor will some day be applied to what is not considered oh-so-chic.  This milk bottle is a case in point.  In it's day, it would have been considered totally current and beautiful.

jus' sayin'

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