My New Craft Room: Window treatments (and how I made them)

By: Diy maven May 10, 2007

Now that the big pieces were completed, I could turn to the fluff, which included window treatments. I had just enough fabric left over from my chair make-over to sew a simple valance. And I mean REALLY simple.

All I did was measure the interior width of my window and added about an inch to each side and about 4 inches to the bottom for hemming and attachment. HOWEVER, you could easily use a table runner or even a rectangular scarf for your curtain, letting the ‘tails’ hang, OR you could just rip the fabric to size. Either option eliminates the sewing.

(A note about hemming: I turned the sides under a half inch, pressed, turned under another half inch, and then sewed a seam. For the hem, I turned under about ½ inch and then turned under an additional 2 inches or so and finished up with a blind hem stitch. You could, of course, sew a simple top-stitch seam here.)

The rest is easy. I took a couple scraps of oak (about 3/4" by 1/4" thick) cut to fit the inside measurement of my window. I stapled the curtain to the wood and then tacked the wood into place inside my window frame. HOWEVER, I’m thinking you could attach your valance with sticky-back Velco too.


Tomorrow’s post: art supply shelf

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What a great and simple way to make window treatments Indianapolis.  I have a ton of left over fabric from my quilting.  I am sure I can have some really great window treatments!

Huh. So incredibly simple, yet so pretty. We have the ugly, dreadful blinds 'adorning' our windows :( I do have a pair of homemade curtains from a yellow seersucker tablecloth (I am so proud of them still!) on our dining room window, but the blinds are still there.
Maven so cute and easy too.  I have an easy no sew window treatment I'll have to tell about.  I love how this one shows our pretty wood work.
Thanks leecorrina. I'm all about less is more when it comes to window treatments.
simple and beautiful. what more can you ask?! nice.
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