Doorless Showers? Yes, Please.

By: Diy maven Nov 06, 2012

Someday I want a doorless shower. Nothing to clean, nothing to squeegee. Just a wall or two and a shower head above. And there will be a window nearby. Preferably, one of the walls will be all windows. Like this one:

If you dream of doorless showers, check out more fine examples of the technique done right at Decoist.

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The windows would be great until you had to shower at night. 


I've had a doorless shower before. As long as you give them plenty of room and you don't live in a cold climate, they're fine. 

Pretty, but horrible to live with because doorless showers are COLD as soon as you step out of the direct water stream.  We are not a fan.

These showers are lovely! Is there any downside to these showers? I wondering if adjacent surfaces get dirtier than in a traditional enclosed shower.

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