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By: Diy maven Oct 02, 2012


The new title from Better Homes and Gardens, DIY Ideas, Projects and Tips for Every Room (Wiley, 264 pages) is so jam-packed with amazing photos, tips and projects, I’m not sure where to begin. Seriously. When I first opened the book I immediately suffered from inspiration overload. My problem was trying to take it all in at once. Not good. Better would have been to approach this incredible wealth of information 

starting at the table of contents and then proceeding slowly.

The book is broken down into three sections. The first, called Real-Life Spaces, includes tips and inspiration for--as the book's title suggests--every room in your house. The picture below is featured in the ‘Bedroom’ subsection of this part. In this one vignette alone, there are over a dozen tips and even a quick how-to.  created at: 10/02/2012

Here’s another picture from this section (subsection Family Spaces). The quick tip associated with this room is using a pair of IKEA bookcases turned on their sides and stacked to create a sideboard. 

 created at: 10/02/2012

The second section is entitled ‘Projects’ and is devoted to just that. Again, there’s something for every room in your house. From little to large, they include window treatments, accents, art, headboards, get the idea. There’s literally too many to mention. This next idea comes from this part: Turn a purchased or secondhand bookcase into a mudroom/back entry storage cubby. 

created at: 10/02/2012 

The third section is called ‘Primer’ and it’s for newbie and not-so-newbie DIYers alike. It includes tips and how-tos ‘that will make your DIY projects go smoothly.’ Improving color confidence, hints on how to paint just about anything, sewing techniques, floor laying tips, building bathroom vanities, refinishing decks, installing just seems to go on and on. 

Lest you think I’m gushing over the book’s gorgeous pictures, tips and how-tos, which, BTW, I am, there are a couple of things that worry me a bit about the title. First, if you’re the kind of person that needs intricate step by step instructions for your DIY projects, you’re not going to find that in DIY Ideas. But that’s a quibble, because most of the ideas and projects are pretty straightforward. Plus, there’s always the ‘Primer’ section to reference if needed. No, my major glitch with the book is that those who snag it won’t need to visit websites like this one for quite awhile. You’ll be too busy dog-earring pages. 

 Okay, now here's a kicker, if you'd like to buy a copy of DIY Ideas, Projects and Tips for Every Room at Amazon ($16), it's temporarily out of stock at the time of this review. And it just came out last month!!! It's no wonder, though, it is amazing and certainly worth the wait.


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Brittany--My pleasure! 

Thanks for the heads up. I'm definitely gonna check it out.

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