The Magic of Paint

By: Diy maven Jul 16, 2012
created at: 07/10/2012

This before and after is a succinct, and excellent, example of the magic of paint. No fuss, no furnishings...just bare walls. I found the images in the portfolio of Customized Decor. They provide no details concerning the makeover, but it looks like the tile surrounding the fireplace has remained the same, although the grout has been either replaced or colorized (painted?). Notice how the vertical blinds look much less obtrusive now that they blend into the wall hue. For more b & a images of Customized Decor's work, visit this page. 

created at: 07/10/2012

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I agree, I noticed that the house next door from glass door view is different. Anyway I love the carpet color and the wall paint. I am thinking of having a make-over in my house too but I need to hae the roof done first with Tuiles En Bois help.

from the looks of the house next doore, this is not the same apartment.

it looks like the carpet is new.

Looks like they changed and/or did something to the tile and grout on the fireplace, as well. Great makeover, regardless :)

I love transformations like this Maven. Simple yet dramatic.

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