How to Turn 1 Table into 2 Shelves

By: Diy maven May 01, 2012

created at: 05/01/2012

Beckie's grandma and grandpa gave her an old rickety table that was set for the trash heap. Beckie stepped in and saved the table. The only problem was she didn't need a table. Shelves, however, she could use. Her friend Mike used a jigsaw to saw the the table in half. A shot of primer and spray paint later, and this is what it looks like now:    

created at: 05/01/2012

If you find or have a table that you'd like to turn into 2 shelves, visit Infarrantly Creative to refer to Beckie's how-to for help. 

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Brilliant. Taking your idea a step further I think I might put a backing on it for a more finished look. But love what you did!

Beautiful shelving!! Obviously the table was rickety and this was a perfect way to salvage it. By putting the legs in front, it makes the shelving more reliable and sturdy. Smart thinking! I plan on saving this idea for later.

You were so right!

@DM...even before I read your comment, I thought, "She's not gonna like this!" Heh.

Though you all know I would have refinished it with stain, I do have to agree this is darn cute! I have a table sitting right beside me that would be a great candidate for a project like this. Hmmmm.......


Wowwww! And that's not a good wow! That 'WAS' a beautiful table... so sad that you destroyed it like that. Its terrible to see...

It's a great idea! I would have put them the other way round, with the legs against the wall.

Well done!  Very clever!

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