Make It: Easy DIY Wax Seals

By: Diy maven Apr 11, 2012

created at: 04/09/2012

In the e-mail era, wax seals might sound completely unnecessary, but for invitations, promotional materials and love letters, they're an eye-catching punctuation sure to impress. Today I found two techniques that are bookmark-worthy. The first comes from Rage Haus. The maker used a dowel and a wood burning tool with a fine tip to create the design, in this case, initials. Lovely.

For an even easier technique, check out this idea from Off Beat Bride. One shank button with a raised design and an old chess piece (although you could use a dowel too) are its primary components. Clever!

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A very creative idea especially for those craft enthusiasts. This DIY wax seals would add a touch of exquisiteness particularly for invitation cards perhaps for a baby shower, bridal shower or even weddings. It may require help from friends and family though as a considerable amount of time and effort would be required. At the same time, everyone could have fun doing it as the wax seal definitely looks like something quite entertaining to do. A special thanks to Rage Haus for the step-by-step DIY dowel seal. I'm getting the wood burning tool tonight!
Awesome, I love this. Thank you very much! :) ______ Lee Ann
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