GENIUS: Turn a Lotion Bottle into a Cell Phone Charger Holder

By: Diy maven Feb 29, 2012

created at: 02/29/2012

Ashley wanted to have a place to stash her cell phone while charging. Inspiration struck when she saw this little item on Amazon. After reading less than stellar reviews, she decided to make one using an empty baby lotion bottle. The outcome? See for yourself:   

created at: 02/29/2012

A bit of fabric in a sweet orange print (applied with Mod Podge) is the cherry on top. For the entire tutorial, visit Make It and Love It.

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Cute idea until your house burns down

I have no where to put my phone other than the floor where it can get steped on ..... So this is an awsome way to keep organized and its Fashionable too!

That's such a neat idea, I can't wait to make my own!!!




 I'm going to try this as soon as I run out of lotion!  Thanks for the awesome idea!

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