How to: Make a DWR Cellula Crystal Chandelier Knock-off

By: Diy maven Nov 01, 2011

created at: 11/01/2011

Jackie fell in love with DWI's Cellula chandelier, which is pictured above, but its $2,730 price tag made it OUT of reach. Jackie then went to work, starting off with a visit to IKEA where she snagged a Tidig pendant. From there it was just a matter of accumulating crystals.

DIY linear crystal chandelier

She used real glass crystals, which proved to be too heavy for the beading filament and crimp beads she intended to use to hang the beads, so she had to opt for 26 gauge wire. She's taking suggestions on how to hide the black sockets above the bulbs, so if you have an idea head on over to Teal and Lime and leave a comment. And the price of Jackie's knock-off? About $170.

DIY linear crystal chandelier


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