How to Make A Sliding Interior Barn Door On The CHEAP!

By: Diy maven Jul 13, 2011

Killer b admits that she is impatient and cheap. I will add that she's also very clever. My proof? Her $140 sliding barn door design, and that's INCLUDING the hardware, which can be very expensive all on its own. How'd she do it? Well, first she used tongue and groove pine to construct the door itself. Then she rigged it up using a trolley hanger and rail. To see the entire tutorial, head on over to Killer b Design.


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Wendy they have them at home depot Johnson hardware wall mount in where they have doors. Not idle with closet door rails

@ Wendy...the links in post point to the items the DIYer used to install the doors. 

I went to Lowes to find these parts and they do not sell them near me. Do you happen to have the item numbers for your trolley rails and wheels? they looked at me like I had nine heads when  I asked the Lowes people about it.  Thanks!


Thanks, Geeky! I've updated the post. 

Here's the updated link:

all link are broken :(


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