6 Sensational Seaside Bedrooms

By: Diy maven May 18, 2011

created at: 05/18/2011

From straight up modern to a little bit British Colonial, bedrooms by the sea rank up there with some of the most romantic imaginable. And, yes, sometimes it's more about the view than the decor!   

Crisp and clean and so serene:

Bedroom Luxury Dream House Design 500x429  Luxury Dream House Design at the Seaside, Casa Kimball

Taking inspiration from the color of the sea, the addition of blue to this bedroom is spot on.  

If you live by the sea, walls shouldn't get in the way of your view!

The padded headboard feels a little too 'institutional' to me, but the room is still a worthy addition to the list.

white bedroom interior with a large bed with ocean view california

Modern meets British Colonial in this warm and inviting space.


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v ~ Anonymous....

This is for more mature people ... Just search up "Teen Rooms" 

Umm could u do a cute one for teens these are kinda boring

yeah i agree

I'll take the first one please.

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